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Publications of Kamala Quale, MSOM,LAc

Meridian Health Almanac

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  • Find out more about yourself and your amazing body
  • See health and wellness from a different point of view
  • Get monthly tips about physical and emotional well-being
  • Learn about how we are connected from stars to meridians
  • Experience how your life changes when you attune to the flow of nature

80 Pages
Cost:  $13.50
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meridian health almanac by Kamala quale

“Within one comprehensive resource Kamala Quale’s Meridian Health Almanac offers all we need to improve our health, attitudes, and daily practices. Drawing from her own clinical & teaching experience, enlarged by the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine & qi-gong, Kamala thoughtfully shares her extensive knowledge.  Addressing our physical, emotional & spiritual health, she imparts a means for action, plus confidence to pursue change. This Monthly Guide to Wellness supplements insightful text with clear meridian-illustrations to guide us, as well as keep us engaged week by week, organ by organ, head to toe, earth to sky!  This compact volume does it all—a treasure in its completeness.”

~Deb Casey, poet/writer and qigong student

HeartMind Solutions Handbook

Methods for Transforming the Roots of Pain and StressMeditations on the Self, Asian Bodywork, and Acupuncture in the Clinical Setting

A Clinical Guide that teaches how to use:— Five-phase principles for healing relationship and stages of a session— Foundational Skills to:

  • Educate and clarify goals
  • Establish mindfulness
  • Use and experimental attitude for self-discovery
  • Improve observation, listening and communication
  • Establish inner resources
  • How to Work with emotional intelligence

60 pages

Cost:  $15.00
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heartmind solutions book cover kamala quale


Walking Qigong

This e-book with web and print versions has complete instructions and video clips to teach you traditional qigong walks that:

  • Strengthen your body and increase balance
  • Create inner resilience and creativity in mind and body to counteract stress and illness
  • Improve mental focus and right-left brain coordination
  • Calm the mind and balance the emotions
  • Combine walking with sacred sound to augment physical healing
  • Integrate qigong walking with the cycle of the Five Elements to create a symbolic, intuitive dance that helps find creative answers to personal problems
  • Teaches about the philosophy behind qigong

36 pages
Cost: $9.95
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walking qigong book by Kamala Quale acupuncture moon and lotus

“I have been practicing the walking qigong forms with Kamala for a few years now. They are surprisingly simple but profound and bring great vitality to body and mind. In addition to providing information on the theory and foundations of this unique qigong style the Walking Qigong Manual is very easy to use and interactive. Live videos clearly demonstrate the movements and make them easy to follow and the variations offered allow one to customize the forms to our own bodies. This is an invaluable resource…”

~Guru Hari Khalsa, Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine student

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