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Self Care Acupressure

Self-Care Acupressure Videos

Boost Immunity

This video is a recording of my online presentation which talks about the immune system from a Chinese medicine perspective, a western medicine view of how the Covid-19 virus affects lung cells, and a demonstration of the acu-points done in China for health care providers to boost their immune system. In this presentation I show how you can stimulate the points with finger pressure and also with an essential oil blend and a heat source (hair dryer).

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Boost Vitality

Shaking and Tapping are two easy practices that are great for releasing tension and stress, increasing circulation, and helping you feel comfortable in your body. Shaking practice can be done for a few minutes or up to an hour. In qigong classes we shake in both free form and systematic ways. “Tapping though the meridians” shows you how to tap along the major meridians of the body. This practice helps nourish and rebalance the body. With several repetitions you will find you feel energized and relaxed at the same time. It can help change your mood and help you feel more resilient. 

The following videos show the location and method of activating acupressure points you can use for self-massage to support your healing. 

Release Lung Congestion and Grief

Improve Digestion and Elimination

Relieve Anxiety, Feel Joy

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