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Telehealth Bodymind Sessions

Telehealth Bodymind Sessions

I offer online deep listening and qigong healing sessions. In these personal sessions I help you re-establish balance in mind and body to ease physical and emotional pain and stress. We look below the surface to see how mind and body are connected. We calm and focus the mind, so it is a steady agent for clarifying blocks to healing and for finding inner wisdom that directs change.

I will use my 30+ years of experience in Chinese medicine to assess your physical and emotional health and will prescribe herbal formulas and dietary changes if I think they are necessary. I will teach you self-acupressure, qigong methods, breathing exercises and meditations that you can use for self-care. I use my extensive mind-body focusing skills together with imagery and symbolism from the wisdom traditions of Daoist yoga and classical Chinese medicine to help you re-imagine and regain your health and vitality. If I feel other types of practitioners are good to add to your healing team, I will make those referrals.

For years, in my acupuncture and bodymind counseling practice I have found that the body has a great capacity to heal and we have an inherent ability to renew a sense of harmony even in difficult situations. Fear decreases and new motivation to heal emerges when we connect with an inner sense of purpose and intent. Working online is a powerful forum for this kind of healing.

It is possible that some insurance policies will pay for these telehealth visits, but primarily it will be private pay, and you can contact me for fees.

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We are located in Eugene, Oregon. To set an appointment
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“I find I have some reluctance about Zoom.  I don’t much like talking on the phone or FaceTime as ways to be with someone.  In person is what is nourishing.  Well, life as I knew it kept falling away with the landing of the pandemic, cancelled appointments of every sort, until I finally succumbed to trying out Zoom.

I must confess, I had a memorable, significant session with Kamala that included holding acupuncture points for heart health, stress management, and a mindful meditation that set my worries outside my body for a spell and brought me home to myself.  Kamala’s familiar face on the Zoom screen and her attentiveness to my facial expressions, gestures, body signals and breathing cues were very much like the real thing:  Kamala’s in-person presence.  Nourishing.

Blush.  I recommend this.”

I have known Kamala for decades and been the beneficiary of her Heart Mind Solutions process multiple times. Her skill at getting to the heart of symptoms has only grown more powerful over time. I recently had an online session with her to treat symptoms I was experiencing. In a very short period of time, she gently brought me from my state of disturbance into my spiritual center, which completely stopped my disturbance and my symptoms. Her online “treatments” are amazing and powerful!  Working online has made her process even more pointedly effective. She brings clarity to symptoms by exploring the feelings that accompany the situation. She unwinds the problem so artfully that she disarms symptoms. I am so moved by her process. I highly recommend her online sessions.” 

– Lori Horan Soule ND, LAc

“I have worked with Kamala in an in-person environment as well as online, and I can attest to her amazing healing abilities in both settings.  In our online session, Kamala helped me identify the source of my pain, and guided me into a place of calm and healing.  My symptoms significantly reduced after just one session, and I feel confident that continued work with her will resolve the issues over time.  I am so very grateful to have her available during these trying times.” 

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