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Qigong to Stretch and Strengthen

This qigong form promotes qi and blood flow in the body, helps keep joints and spine flexible, strengthens the muscles, calms the mind, and balances emotions. It is called the Jin Jing Gong 14. The name refers to practices that stretch and strengthen the tendons to open the meridians and align the posture.

Weekly Qigong Practices

In these practice sessions we will continue to refine and practice the jjg 14 form that we learned in the Fall intensive. There are three practice options per week, Tuesday and Saturday with Guru Hari and Thursdays with Kamala.

Monday Night Women’s Self-Care and Meditation Group

This fall may be especially challenging for women. In complex times it’s easy to care for everyone else and ignore our well-being. This group is a time to center and focus on your physical and emotional resilience. We will relax and revitalize the body with qigong shaking, align and center ourselves with the help of short acupressure releases on key meridian points, and cultivate our spirits through sitting meditation and group sharing.