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“My practice has felt entirely renewed since I began studying with Kamala and her Mindbody approach. In my 5th year of practicing Chinese medicine, I was beginning to feel a pull towards wanting to give deeper support to the mental-emotional side of physical pain and distress that many of my clients were working through.

In my work with Kamala, I am learning to connect more authentically with my intuition and my ability to notice opportunities to help clients explore their own connection with emotions and the physical body.

As I am incorporating this new technique more and more in my treatments, I am energized by the way my clients are finding the answers within themselves as I guide them to connect with their own inner knowing to alleviate tension and stagnation in the body.

As a practitioner, I find that my energy level remains strong and sustained through the day more than it used to prior to using this new process. I am amazed by just how profound and deep clients’ realizations can be when they are guided to be so present with their body and their thoughts. I look forward to continuing to incorporate this mind-body approach Kamala teaches into my practice for the benefit of both my clients and myself.”

Shannon Markland, AP, Dipl. O.M.
Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine


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