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Original Face

by | May 20, 2020 | Self-Care | 4 comments

Today I’m preparing for the international facial workshop I’m giving  (May 28, 11 am- 1pm, free) and I’m contemplating about Original Face, a concept in Daoism and Buddhism which points to knowing ourselves as the cosmic qi and essence that is present in us before we are born. Returning to our original face is another way of pointing us towards realizing who we really are at heart. Here is a quote from Lillian Bridges, who is a Chinese face reading expert.

“According to Deng Ming-Dao in his book Everyday Tao: Living with Balance and Harmony, the very ancient pictogram (Chinese character) for Dao shows a character on the left that means run and another that shows a leg or them movement of running below. The character on the right is a face with hair on top. This face is the Original Face and when you know it, it allows you to follow your life’s purpose, which I can the “Golden Path.” In other words, when you know who you are and who you came in as, you can find the virtuous action “Te” (like in Tao Te Ching) that allows you to complete your destiny (“Ming”) and become your best future or golden self. This is classic Taoist Alchemy.”

So I sat in meditation today and asked myself and the universe, “what is my Original Face?” I repeated it several times, quieted my mind and made it my intention to know more about my inner essentialness. Gradually my mind went back to childhood memories and my face and expressiveness as a child. I had memories of growing up in an Italian-American family. My grandparents were immigrants. Travelers from a different culture. I remembered an insight that I had in the past that my purpose was to share information across cultures. One example is how in the US, I share information from my deep study of yoga philosophy, Chinese medicine, and Daoism.

This current facial workshop with my co-presenter from Italy and participants from the US and Italy is another attempt to share cross cultural information and connect people from different parts of the world. No doubt that is why I am enjoying the process so much.

So, I invite you to contemplate the same question and see what happens. I sent this letter to the women in my Monday Night Women’s Qigong Group, because our theme is women and manifestation which connects with internal earth element energy. Centering and aligning yourself to discover your clear intention and manifesting that in the outside world is part of leading from a deeper center within.

I look forward to hearing your insights in the comments section. Let’s share our wisdom

With warm qi,


PS: If you want to participate in the Love Your Face workshop, or the Monday Night Women’s Qigong group (open to new members in June) let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Mary Humphrey

    I would love to participate. May I send this invitation to my friend Francesca in Milano? I feel deeply connected to my ancestors as well. Yes, I will contemplate my “original face”. What a great question.

    • Kamala Quale

      Hi Mary. It will be great to have you in the workshop. I’m so glad you want to be there and that you enjoyed the question about the original face. I am intrigued by it too.
      Yes please invite your friend. Tomorrow I’ll send you Monica’s email, in firenze, and she may be a good contact for Francesca.

  2. Dorothee Ostmeier

    Dear Kamala,

    Thank you for sharing your new insight and meditation experience. It is a beautiful way to approach our self image and to link our physical image to our inner experience. Don’t we all look at ourselves in the mirror at times and are surprised that we don’t see the image that we expect and/or identify with: we notice an abyss between the inner experience and the outer appearance. Isn’t this often the moment that people decide to go to a hairdresser, get a massage or a facelift……?

    During savasana in a hot yoga session I sometimes feel my heavy body sinking in the earth, as if all muscles suddenly give in and relax. This is a rare but a very welcomed state of mind. It is fascinating to also notice then the facial muscles relaxing. This can sometimes also happen when you practice smiling meditations. You smile when you exhale, and at times the inner face softens…. I am wondering if we slowly approach the “original face” in such moments??? Or do we practice the skill of letting go, a skill we might need when we die, right?

    I would very much enjoy participating in your “love your face” class…by when do I need to let you know if I can take time during the day on Th.

    Kamala, a few years ago we talked about your special training on facials in CO…and you asked me what I would like to change if would join therapy sessions. At that point I didn’t know exactly how to answer….Was I supposed to point to all the wrinkles in my face? Now you are offering us a very different or complementary approach. Fascinating, how life always reveals new aspects to address our questions. It is fun to think about this….

    Thanks again for the invitation to share our thoughts.

    • Kamala Quale

      Thank you so much for your wise observations and comments Dorothee. I think its a wonderful idea to inquire within about our original face when we are deeply relaxed in savasana. It is definitely a letting go and for me brings a smile to my heart and peacefulness. I will send the link to the webinar by Monday and you can join if you are able. I’m glad you like this new idea. The webinar will combine a few different perspectives on the face and some enjoyable ways to increase circulation and glow from the inside out.

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