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Health and Healing with Moon and Lotus

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Acupuncture & Counseling

Kamala offers Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Telehealth BodyMind Session. Get more information about Kamala and booking a session. Watch self-care videos here.

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Movement & Qigong

The Center for Movement and Healing includes classes and workshops, including qigong and more. Find our Grace & Longevity Blog articles and Events calendar here as well.

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HeartMind Professional Trainings

Professional supervision, classes and trainings 

Kamala helps her clients resolve physical and emotional issues and rebalance their health so they can live fully from a place of inner direction. Her specialty is facilitating inner knowing through her blend of body-centered mindfulness methods and the rich tapestry and modalities of classical Chinese medicine and meditation. With these skills she helps people relax, look within, and align their lifestyle with the body’s wisdom and the greater source of healing in and around them.

Kamala is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, bodymind counselor, and qigong practitioner and instructor. Kamala has a Master’s degree in classical Chinese medicine from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and is a “Diplomat in Oriental Medicine.” This is a nationally recognized certification that means she has shown proficiency in all branches of this medicine including: acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, nutrition, and qigong therapeutic exercise.

Her extensive background and experience in the healing arts began with medical-surgical nursing in 1975. Kamala is a senior authorized teacher and practitioner of Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®, and a certified instructor for the national acupressure association, the AOBTA. She is a certified therapist in the Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Based Somatic Psychotherapy, where she was a member of the teaching faculty for twenty-seven years.
She currently teaches her blended methods to acupuncture and acupressure practitioners in the US and Europe through her organization called HeartMind Solutions.

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Praise for Kamala’s Book

Meridian Health Almanac | $13.50

“Within one comprehensive resource Kamala Quale’s Meridian Health Almanac offers all we need to improve our health, attitudes, and daily practices. Drawing from her own clinical & teaching experience, enlarged by the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine & qi-gong, Kamala thoughtfully shares her extensive knowledge.  Addressing our physical, emotional & spiritual health, she imparts a means for action, plus confidence to pursue change. This Monthly Guide to Wellness supplements insightful text with clear meridian-illustrations to guide us, as well as keep us engaged week by week, organ by organ, head to toe, earth to sky!  This compact volume does it all—a treasure in its completeness.”

 ~Deb Casey, poet/writer and qigong student

Available for purchase on the Publications page.

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Grace and Longevity Blog Posts

What’s Under the Surface?

What’s Under the Surface?

With the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happened on December 21, we are at the beginning of a 20-year cycle that can help create a shift in our individual and collective orientation. The COVID virus has already started that shift. It has been the...

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Original Face

Today I’m preparing for the international facial workshop I’m giving  (May 28, 11 am- 1pm, free) and I’m contemplating about Original Face, a concept in Daoism and Buddhism which points to knowing ourselves as the cosmic qi and essence that is present in us before we are born. Returning to our original face is another way of pointing us towards realizing who we really are at heart. Here is a quote from Lillian Bridges, who is a Chinese face reading expert.

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