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Can’t Sleep? Try Moon Gazing

Can’t Sleep? Try Moon Gazing

For the last two nights the moon has been very full, and the sky has been very cloudy. I woke at 3:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I stayed in bed for a while trying to settle my mind and snooze again, but no luck. Thoughts about work and life kept swirling around. Sound familiar?

I saw light shining in the window and remembered about the moon. So, I got out of bed and went to the living room windows looking to see if I could find it. At first there was too much cloud cover to see the moon itself, so I settled myself on the couch waiting and enjoying the change of venue. Soon my patience was rewarded and there she was peeking out as the clouds began to part. At first a feeling of awe struck me as I saw the full moon in all her glory. The clouds thinned leaving a translucent layer that slowly spread and gathered, weaving patterns with the bright moon and the dark sky that looked like they should be captured on an artist’s canvas.  I felt like the stunning display was just for me and that the moon had come in response to my heart’s desire.

The whole experience changed my internal state completely. Any thoughts, plans or worries about the next day vanished and were replaced by an inner peacefulness in the silence of the night and a soothing joy in my heart. As the clouds came back and the moon disappeared, I settled on the couch with my pillow and blanket and basked in the experience for a while before falling back to sleep.

This post is really a continuation of the last one where I said that if we change one aspect of a pattern, the whole thing is transformed. In the language of qi (chi-vital energy) I would say that my intention to connect with the moon set an interactive experience in motion that cleared any mental agitation, relaxed my nervous system and allowed my inner heart to feel its peaceful nature. This transformation of qi from stuck to moving is the key to health and well-being. More than that, it’s a portal to the relationship we have with the wholeness of the universe that is mediated by the sincerity and love of the heart.

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