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Indicators and Pictures of Resilience

Indicators and Pictures of Resilience

The news of political and environmental chaos is a daily occurrence. So it was a big relief to have a day that filled me with hope about our resilience in community. Here are some indicators and pictures that I hope convey something of that energy to you.

It’s a pleasantly warm, late summer weekend with the feeling of leisure and enjoyment in the air. I went to five significant events: morning qigong practice in a green and lush park; a warmhearted family and friends luncheon for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary; a large gathering of neighborhood organizations with resource tables and group discussions on topics like new economy ideas, permaculture, affordable housing, resources for the homeless and hungry; a small gathering of people in a shared community garden with marimba music and deserts; and an evening of storytelling, that keeps tradition alive, in a home concert environment. I felt proud to witness the love, cooperation, creativity and hard work that was apparent in the day. There is an abundance of resources not only in the fruit of the trees and the gardens, but in the hearts and intentions of the people working together to nourish each other in various ways

This is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of working together. The stronger the bonds within the community, the more resilience and resource we have in challenging times. Eastern astrology calls this an earth year, and late summer an earth time when the energy of unity through community and strength at home are at a high point in our consciousness. This day is a good example of that energy at work.

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