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Tapping Through The Meridians

by | May 26, 2019 | Self-Care | 2 comments

After you have finished Shaking Practice (see video and previous post), follow it with tapping through the meridians. This a quick way to change your mood and your energy. You will release stagnation and feel a sense of relaxation and flow. Tap through this sequence 3-9 times or until you feel better.

The twelve organ meridians are pathways and networks of bioenergy that connect the body from top to bottom, inside to exterior, and body as a whole to the environment around us. They form a continuous loop that goes from chest to arms, arms to head, head to feet and feet to chest. Energy circulates in this loop three times in 24 hours like a circadian rhythm that functions to nourish the physical body, the mind and spirit and our emotions and relational energy.

In the video demonstration, you will see that the tapping follows this loop, starting at the heart center in the center of the chest, along the yin meridians that travel along the inner arm and the yang meridians that travel along the outside of the arm to the head. Then we tap from the top of the head, down the back and outside of legs along the yang meridians and up the yin meridians that travel along the inside of the legs and front of the torso. We end with tapping around the abdomen to reground the energy and replenish our store of vital qi.

This tapping method outlines the basic movements of the Fire Dragon form which we are learning in our current qigong class. If you missed the class, plan to join us for our solstice ocean qigong day on Sunday, June 23. We will tap through the meridians by the ocean (along with other qigong practices).  See class schedule.

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  1. Paula Prober

    I love seeing these videos. They’re so easy to follow and simple enough that I will do them! Love that they’re recorded outside. Great job, Kamala!

    • Kamala Quale

      Thank you Paula. I appreciate your comments and I’m glad you feel you can practice the qigong after watching the videos.

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