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What’s Under the Surface?

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Looking Inside

With the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happened on December 21, we are at the beginning of a 20-year cycle that can help create a shift in our individual and collective orientation. The COVID virus has already started that shift. It has been the catalyst for change that wants to happen. Change starts with a desire to move in a certain direction. The beginning of a new calendar year is a natural time to reassess how we want to direct our energies.

We may sense that there are seed ideas, inklings and intuitions germinating under the surface in our psyches. Maybe right now they are general directions like, I want to optimize my health, or I want more connection, or I want to work for social change, or I want to open to my truest potential. Seeds that germinate during the winter naturally sprout in the spring.

But seeds need the right environment to reach their greatest potential. They need quiet, the right mix of darkness and light, enough moisture, proper nutrients, and fertile surroundings that inform them. So, what does that mean for you? What will help your seeds germinate and become clarity of vision and purposeful action?

Not surprisingly, I would suggest that the regular practice of qigong and meditation with a community of like-minded people are examples of nurturing processes that cultivate clarity, keep the body healthy and strong, help you stay balanced and centered, and fertilize the ground of being. When we move together with others we stay on course and our efforts are multiplied.

The community of the Moon and Lotus Center for Movement and Healing invites you to join our qigong and meditation circles and see if they are a good fit.

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